Osman Cemal Tashan is a Turkish-American businessman and Electrical Engineer. Being an early adapter and technology lover, he has designed, developed, and tested software for all kinds of computers and mobile devices since the dawn of the computer era. He appears on radio shows covering developments in the tech industry. He regularly delivers speeches on web design, particularly on the topic of designing websites to be senior-friendly. He ardently believes in the participation of the seniors in today’s high-tech world.

He is a pioneer of the card-operated locks and electronic safes in the hospitality industry. His interest in security and safety dates back to his days in the Air Force. Since that time he has been involved in many national and local security and safety-related activities.  He is a proud graduate of the Tustin PD Citizen Police Academy and current Chairperson of the Tustin Police Chief’s Advisory Board.

As a pilot, his experience with the third dimension grew his interest in photography, primarily landscape and monumental photography. He has published three books on photography and travel.

Osman Cemal has resided in Tustin, CA for more than 21 years and loves to travel.